Since 2011 customers of Deutsche Postbank AG are able to do online banking in an easy and comfortable way by using the Seal One method which is labeled as BestSign.
With the launch of the new payment method in 2015 the Seal One method can be offered by the participating banks and savings banks to their customers. The method is labeled signdirekt.
Starting in 2016 business customers of Deutsche Bank Polska SA are using the Seal One method for secure online banking.
Since 2016 Blockchain Helix AG utilizes Seal One technology to secure blockchain transactions (secure authentication and full end to end encryption).
Since the launch in spring 2018 VERIMI utilizes Seal One technology to pursue the goal of creating the most secure and user-friendly platform of trust for identity services and payments across Europe.
Since April 2019, Landesbank Berlin AG is using Seal One for the signature based 2nd factor authentication inside the credit card banking including some cobranding products.