The solution for authentication and transaction security

Multi use concept

Cross-industry functionality: banking, telecommunications, commerce, customer portals, insurance

easy & encrypted

Design principle of the Seal One Solution

Customer convenience
Ease of use. No technical or security knowledge required.
Encrypted, tamper-proof transfer from the bank to the device / app of the customer.
Easy integration into the bank's infrastructure
Simple and fast integration into existing bank infrastructure.
Multi device support
Customers can choose their preferred variant ( devices / apps ).
Multi use
Usable for signing of any transaction in diverse industries.
secure & mobile

Multi-partner by design

The benefit on a multi-partner system is at consumer as well as at acceptance partner side. The process is neither limited to banks nor to online banking. The application might be used basically for any business (retail services, payments schemes, authorities, ...) who wish to perform fast, easy and secure business transactions with their customers.



The system has been developed in such a way that a customer only needs one Seal One® device which he can use at all Seal One acceptance partners. Customers who have multiple accounts at one or multiple acceptance partners require only one single device.

customer convenience