Use the mobile devices for signing transactions

Due to the market penetration of smartphones and tablets, the demand to be able to perform banking transactions via mobile devices increases.

The implementation of mobile banking solutions is based on apps. (For each target platform a specific application is offered to download in the store of the hardware supplier). Modern biometric functions (Touch-ID, Face-ID, Fingerprint, ...) are supported.





It has never been easier to sign business transactions, mobile at any time and any location

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Seal One App

Seal One AG provides you with a strong 2 factor authentication directly on your smartphone or tablet. Simple and intuitive operation, signing using your fingerprint.

Use of digital signatures (no annoying TAN transfer required)
Suitable for mobile banking, online banking, payments, ...
Simple, user-friendly system with high security
Modern biometric functions supported. (Face-ID, Fingerprint)
Future save through flexible usability


It is time to offer your customers maximum convenience with easy operation

time to relax

Implementation and integration options

The Seal One app will be offered either as a standalone app or as a module for easy integration into the existing mobile apps of the acceptance partner.


stand alone

According to your requirements and wishes we are happy to change the design so it perfectly fits to your product. Available for all major operating systems:


easy & comfortable