• acoustic and visual
    in German language
  • mobility
    with strong security
  • whenever you need
  • convenient
    mobile safety
  • wherever you go
  • easy
    and understandable

One solution for all requirements

The Seal One solution is a complete framework for easy to use strong digital signatures.
Banks and service providers can choose to supply software or hardware based security.

Software and hardware - trustworthy signatures




All major operating systems and devices are supported: PCs / laptops, tablets, smartphones

convenient & innovative

Transaction confirmation in 3 easy steps

with secure device





or with app



auditable & confidential

Seal One – focusing on all important factors

User Convenience

  • easy to use by just pressing a button or using the fingerprint
  • fits in every pocket
  • usable without any technical or security skills

Bank Convenience

  • simple integration into any portal or VPN infrastructure
  • Authentication and authorization of any type of transaction
  • straight forward integration into any existing workflow

All-encompassing Security

Full end2end security, all risks from potentially insecure components such as network and user devices are eliminated.

Bank gets a full digital signature from user (auditable transact.)

Complete protection against “man in the middle” / “man in the browser” attacks and “guessing” of authorization codes
happy every day

Seal One Soft- & Hardware

Seal One App

easy, flexible and cost efficient – the solution without additional hardware.


Seal One USB

easy and convenient to use with a large display - perfect for home.


Seal One Wireless

small, wireless and independent – the mobile pocket device for everywhere.