About us

Seal One AG located in Frankfurt Germany is an innovative company, which is specialized in the development and marketing of new types of security solutions for online transactions and internet banking.

Seal One AG is a 100% subsidiary of NOVOSEC AG.

Seal One AG was founded in 2009. Our goal is to enable digital signature solutions in a customer friendly way while enabling new business models based on this infrastructure and to replace insecure and outdated TAN based solutions.

Security is the central component in the implementation of digital business processes. In addition to the unique identification it is an essential feature to have auditable transactions with strong 2-factor authentication.

However, a solution only can be established on the market, if the security is accompanied by a drastic increase in the user experience.

Using Seal One products will enable customers to process business transactions in a convenient way, for example by using the fingerprint or by pushing a button.